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Anak Bangsa FoundationReizen - Anak Bangsa Foundation
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Discover Paradise and
Change lives

Indonesia Travel Adventure is a Non-Profit travel agency. Experience an unforgettable vacation to Indonesia, while give back to the local community. Your wonderful Indonesian Experience starts with flying To Indonesia with Garuda Indonesia, awarded world’s best cabin crew for the the fourth consecutive year .You will stay in highly selected hotels or resorts on Bali, Lombok or Sulawesi. Our local guides are well trained and know the best and most beautiful spots on the island.



Your holiday supports the
Anak Bangsa Foundation

Book now your personal travel plan which you cannot get anywhere else. We deliver the most authentic culture, marine and adventure trips. Our handcrafted experiences will bring out the most out of a destination. We promote responsible and sustainable travel. When you travel with us, you will directly contribute to Anak Bangsa Foundation. We train and employ local guides from many parts of our destination, ensuring the highest quality of service and knowledge. By the end of your trip, they won’t be your guides anymore, they will be your friend (“teman”). We offer 60 Multi-day trips, 30 Day trips and over 80 Resorts to relax.

Indonesia Travel Adventure provides curated bespoke travel experiences. We have put together travel plans which we think are great.
Focusing on either or a mix of Discover, Play, Rejuve, and Care, we take our time to listen to your wishes and preferences.
We will then craft out a travel plan specially prepared just for you. Whether it’s multi-day or single-day trips, we’ve got you covered.
Our Vision

“Every child has a right to a happy childhood, to proper education, a healthy living environment and healthcare.”
Our Mission

We fight for the rights of underprivileged children by providing quality education and a healthy living environment. In adherence to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Indonesia’s landmark destination, Bali is more than a place. It is a mood, a desire, and a tropical state of mind. You will never have enough of this paradise; it is one island, but also many destinations. From the bustling Seminyak and Kuta, the island extends to the far-flung Menjangan and the mountaneous Munduk. Explore Tabanan, Tulamben and Amed for rewarding adventures and wonderful sceneries. Visit the rich and diverse culture in the island and find out why they call this paradise The Island of Gods.

Situated just to the east of Bali, the island of Lombok, part of West Nusa Tenggara province, provide the perfect escape and intimacy. Feel the virgin version of Bali in South Lombok. Challenge the legendary surf on Bangko Bangko Beach. Climb the mighty mountain of Rinjani. Venture to the rare “pink beach” on far east. Experience the unspoiled Sasak culture in their secluded villages. Or enjoy the lavish resorts of Senggigi and the wild parties of Gili Trawangan.

The eccentric-looking island is truly how Sulawesi looks on the map and in reality. The massive island, epicenter of The Wallace Line, is home to fringing coral reefs, towering mountains, tropical dense rainforest with exceptional wildlife, and rich cultural traditions.